Three generations of the family dedicated to catering. And all three led by someone of the same name: Alfonso. It began as an inn that after a lot of hard work turned into a restaurant. Home-cooked meals, lavish breakfasts for weddings in the 70s, afternoon tea on the Patio de la Pila (font courtyard), drinks in the Tabanco (Jerez-style tavern) and working in the hope to continue growing. Years later, we went afloat serving meals to the crews on the large ships that were built in Cádiz. And then came the jump, with no goal other than that set by determination and the wish to serve.

Nearly 50 years ago the word ‘catering’ was only used to refer to meals offered by airline companies; however, when Alfonso returned home after he had travelled around the world working exclusively in the hotel and restaurant industry, he and his brother, Antonio, decided to take to the streets with their banquets and they added the word ‘catering’ to their father’s name. They were true groundbreakers.

We have provided our catering services in wineries, private estates, stately homes, national monuments, palaces, bull rings, circuits, homesteads, beaches, sand, gardens, on asphalt and in countless other settings. A catering event is like running a long-distance race. Each banquet is unique and requires a different service. Each and every one of our customers is special. And it is this work philosophy that has been passed down through the generations, from one worker to another.

Today, another Alfonso stands at the helm of the catering business with the same spirit and character as his predecessors. And next to him is his brother, César, the mainstay in the kitchen. A catering business adapted to European health and legal requirements, the awareness of new culinary trends, good taste for dining room atmosphere, staff training and working so that others may remember the day when they sat at our table as one of the best in their lives.